About Me

Hi. My name is Dylan Westheimer and I am 14 years old. All you need to know about me is I love dogs, I think that Dark Chocolate is better than White Chocolate, and I love Kombucha. In case you didn’t get where I live from what I just said, I

am fromLos Angeles. I have also been interested in the environment my whole life, and when I learned that Climate Change was destroying it, I was devastated. My family had always taught me that if I see wrong in the world, I should do something about it, and so at 11 years old, I did. At first I started a blog on ways to help the environment, called EnvirocareLA.com, but after 2 years of writing in my blog, I grew bored. I later learned that I was bored because I hated writing, so every post felt like a chore. I knew that I needed to do something to help the environment, but I also enjoyed doing it. At the same time that my blog ran out of steam, I was getting really into listening to podcasts. So, I decided to put the 2 together to start the podcast you are listening to, Envirocast. I started Envirocast at 14 years old in the beginning of 2021, and my goal is to educate my listeners, and I, on environmental current events. I hope you enjoy it.